Ace ex-AIT journalist Agbonsuremi unfolds new initiative


A seasoned journalist, broadcaster, public affairs commentator and political analyst, Agbonsuremi Augustine Okhiria, has unveiled the Progressive Impact Organization for Community Development (PRIMORG).

It is is a non-profit, non-partisan civil society organization registered in Nigeria in 2017 to among other mandates, carry out political enlightenment programs and citizens engagements in Nigeria.

Agbonsuremi, who operates from Canada and Nigeria is a former senior journalist at The Guardian newspaper and African Independent Television (AIT).

According to him, in a statement: “PRIMORG’s main thrust is to promote civic responsibility, patriotism and virtues of selfless sacrifice by citizens as norms and obligation for nurturing, deepening and sustaining democratic and development in Nigeria.

The organization’s policy thrust is deliberately designed for engagement in programs and projects that will promote and advance popular participation, Networking and advocacy for good governance in Nigeria.

“Accordingly, voter education, mobilization of target interest groups, capacity building for political parties, journalists, and electoral officials, as well as good governance campaign, lobbying and policy advocacy activities are the practical thrust of PRIMORG.

“The group is set out to collaborate with other civil society organizations and stakeholders in the political process in pursuit of its set goals.”

According to him, the level of informed political awareness, consciousness and participation in Nigeria is abysmally low.

The electorates are mainly victims of a political culture that emphasizes personalities, money and inbuilt intimidation, all due largely to the low level of mobilization and political education and consciousness.

PRIMOG is conceived to work with other stakeholders in the political and electioneering process to raise the level of the political consciousness, education and enlightenment of the electorates, political parties and citizens generally.


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