Moghalu slams anti-Buhari political coalition, says it has no agenda to improve lives of Nigerians


Kingsley Moghalu, the former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and presidential aspirant of the Young Progressive Party, has stated that the new Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) has no agenda to improve the lives of Nigeria, stating that it represents just name changes and new alliances that will not deliver what Nigeria needs.

In a statement, Moghalu said, “It is interesting to note the MOU signed yesterday by the PDP and over 30 other parties. On the face of it, it is a legitimate move; after all, we are a democracy. However, we must be clear about what it represents: power for the sake of power, without any real agenda to improve the lives of Nigerians”.

With a memorandum recently signed in Abuja, 38 political parties joined the People’s Democratic Party to create the coalition in order to present a single presidential candidate in next year’s election.

“The question Nigerians must ask is this: How have the parties involved changed? Has PDP purged itself of its bad actors that led to its downfall in the first place? Have these other parties demonstrated any true commitment to an open or transparent democracy?” asked Moghalu.

The candidate stated that Nigeria needs something new, bold and different to place the country on a sustainable path, emphasizing that the current ruling party, All People’s Congress (APC) is a product of a similar merger consisting of many of the same elements that have now broken off to form yet another coalition to capture power.

“We’ve watched this film before and know how it ends. For those who want a true, lasting democracy, now is the time to join forces and square up against the old guard. It is time for those who truly want to fix this nation to realise we must build a coalition of progressives that can truly lead this nation, beyond any one person, beyond any one group.

“This is about a Nigeria that works for all. This is a Nigeria that – for once – will deliver victory for the people. It is time for the people to win in 2019! #enoughisenough,” he said.


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