Arik cuts number of flights as its aircraft undergo maintenance in Europe


Arik Air says it has cut down on its flight schedule to cope with the absence of some of its aircraft, which are currently undergoing maintenance in Europe.

Via statement on Monday, the airline, said it has adjusted its scheduled operations to cope with the exigencies of its aircraft that are on mandatory maintenance.

The airline said its fleet has “witnessed a reduction in number in the last two weeks due to the fact that some aircraft have been flown overseas to Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) in Europe”.

The management stated that in order to maintain schedule integrity and ensure flights depart on time, it had to cut down on the number of flights operated daily.

The airline further stated that as a safety conscious airline, it takes aircraft maintenance very seriously.

It, however, assures its customers that the aircraft will start returning from maintenance in the next few days while scheduled operations will be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

Roy Ilegbodu, CEO Arik Air, said: “We regret any inconveniences that our customers may suffer due to this schedule adjustment”.

“We are almost done with the checks and our customers will start seeing the effect with improved services.”

The airline appealed to its customers to bear with it at this period while assuring that their safety and comfort will not be compromised.


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