“Atiku’s presence in APC will help the party to victory”


The Interim Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Gombe State, Magaji Doho, has said that the defection of former Vice President Atiku Abaubakar to APC would strengthen the chances of a victory for the party in 2015.

Doho told newsmen in Gombe that the party faithful had expected the former vice president earlier than now, saying that as a mobiliser, Atiku’s presence would improve the fortunes of the party.

“The defection of the former Vice President, Turakin Adamawa, Atiku Abaubakar, is long overdue. We expected that he is going to come because he is a grassroots politician, a great mobiliser and we feel that his coming on board will definitely move the party forward that will also take us to victory.

“He was one of the people who set up the PDP but because of the non-compliance with the rules of the game of politics, it forced most people to change from one party to another.

“We expect his wealth of experience in politics, his contributions and the carrying of everyone on board, we expect him to do the same thing in APC so that it will take us to greater heights during the general elections,” he said.

Commenting on the belief in some quarters that similar crises which affected the PDP would also affect APC, Doho said nobody could rule out the possibility of one or two crisis in any party.

The chairman, however, said the ability of the stakeholders to agree on the contentious issues was what would make the difference.

“You have to envisage that politics is full of challenges and that there is going to be one or two issues or crises, which is normal.

“But sometimes when you agree or disagree or you disagree and agree, you come to certain terms because there is no permanent friend or permanent enemy but common interest.

“The thing is that we want a change in Nigeria and we want people to appreciate that the present position of Nigerians and what is happening to Nigeria is that there is nothing to write home about.

“So people of great thinking, people of great reputation who have Nigeria in their minds are people that are now coming on board.

“Nigeria is our country and we don’t have to wait for anybody outside to come and change Nigeria. And this change of course must have to be by people who have the interest of Nigeria at heart, setting aside their personal interest,” he said.

On the disaffection expressed by a section of the party in the state regarding the defection of a former governor of the state, Sen. Danjuma Goje, Doho  said the party was talking to those who were opposed to his coming into the party.

He accused a rival party in the state of trying to cause disaffection among the APC members, adding that the leadership has the capacity to resolve the issues amicably.


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