Baba Akande is a principled leader, possessed of sage’s wisdom, says Tinubu


The All Progressives Congress National stalwart and Co-Chair of the party’s Presidential Campaign Council, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has congratulated the former Interim Chairman of the party, Chief Bisi Akande, on his 80th birthday.

He described Chief Akande “a compassionate human being, an example of decorum in any circumstance, and a principled leader, possessed of profound judgment and a sage’s wisdom”.

The APC leader said without Baba Akande, the party might never have come into existence “and it certainly would not have experienced the quick success it encountered.”

Asiwaju Tinubu lauded Akande’s contribution to his Ila-Orangun hometown, his state, the Yoruba race and Nigeria.

In a tribute to Akande, the former Osun State governor, who clocks 80 today (January 16), Asiwaju said: “This high principled leader, Bisi Akande, stood as a father figure and mentor to many younger politicians across the country particularly in the South-west. Because of his traits as an exemplary leader and mentor, many call him Baba awon omo ke ke ke, meaning the political father of the younger ones who come after him.

“He has shown that one can be successful in politics by being kind to all and making concern for the common person and for a just society one’s guiding vision. He is one of the most humane persons you could meet. To meet him is to like him. To know him is to admire Chief Akande and to be thankful that he is your friend and ally.

“Chief Akande is one of the few true associates of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Uncle Bola Ige around today. Like them, he devoted his public life to the ideals and practices that can engender a truly democratic and egalitarian society.

“He is a founding father of the APC and its unprecedented electoral victory in 2015. As the interim chairman of the party, he showed extraordinary adeptness and patience in bridging differences and molding our new party into a progressive force. Without him, the APC might never have come into existence and it certainly would not have experienced the quick success it encountered. He helped lay a solid foundation for the party and did so selflessly and with impartiality and a good word toward all.

“Baba is a highly perspective and thoughtful leader. He has proved invaluable in serving humanity and his fatherland. What he gave to his state, to the Yoruba race, he also gave to his country: he gave his best. As governor of Osun State, he served with commitment and dedication.

“He was a stalwart progressive regarding his objections, and proved to have an expert and diligent hand in terms of his administration of the machinery of governance.

“He was unwavering in pursuing what he believed was good and desirable for the state. He governed with a dignity that is rarely found. Yet, he would not flinch from doing what was right even if strong force was arrayed against him”.


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