Don tasks Buhari on women empowerment


A don and Islamic Cleric, Professor Sabit Ariyo Olagoke ‎has urged President Mohammadu Buhari to empower women towards harnessing their potentials for the development of the country.

Speaking on the topic “Standing firm in your faith for your future” at Shafaudeen International Mosque, the cleric noted that women must be given a voice to be heard and contribute to the development of Nigeria.

With their population and increase in knowledge accumulation among women, Professor Olagoke said Nigeria has much to gain from women.

Olagoke said that 99.9 percent of religious leaders in Nigeria are not scripture compliant adding that Nigeria and Nigerians need character reformation.

Professor Olagoke however said that the days of religious leaders messing up are numbered.

While tracing the problems of Nigeria to discrimination among religious groups, Professor Olagoke said that there was nothing wrong with Christianity, Islam or Judaism but so many things are wrong with managers of religion who pursue money and discriminate rather than following scriptures.

“There must be social interactions among religious faiths to bring about development. There is nothing wrong with Islam, Christianity, Judaism but there are problems with managers of religion particularly the clerics.

“God is the fundamental factor. Unfortunately we are using religion to discriminate. The clerics are idiotic, religion is not failing us the managers of religion are failing us.

“The Christians and Muslims hold Nigeria and we must understand ourselves for Nigeria to development. ‎”

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