DSS invites Mailafia a third time over Boko Haram sponsor claim


Obadiah Mailafia, former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has again been invited by the Department of State Services (DSS).

The Nation quoted him as saying the DSS asked him to come to its head office in Jos on Monday.

This is the third time the security agency is inviting Mailafia since he alleged that a northern governor is among the leaders of the Boko Haram insurgent group.

“I have once again (for the 3rd time) been ordered to appear before the DSS at their Jos HQ this coming Monday 14th September at 11.00 am,” he was quoted as saying.

He also alleged that his life is in danger, saying he spoke on behalf of the “martyrs” killed in the country over the years.

“I spent over 20 years of my working life abroad as a university teacher, banker and international civil servant with unblemished record,” he reportedly said.

“I have no criminal record — not even a parking ticket. Sadly, it is in my own fatherland that I’m being subjected to criminal investigation and such extreme political persecution.

“Please, pray for me. I have reasons to believe that my life is in danger and that some powerful political forces want to silence me forever for speaking the truth.

“For speaking on behalf of the Holy Martyrs — of thousands of innocent children, women, elderly and youths that have been killed in our beloved country.”

Speaking during a programme on Nigeria Info 95.1FM, Abuja on August 10, Mailafia said repentant insurgents informed him that a governor from the north was their commander.

“They told us that one of the northern governors is the commander of Boko Haram in Nigeria. Boko Haram and the bandits are one and the same. They have a sophisticated network,” he had said.

The claim caused a stir among Nigerians, while the Northern Governors Forum asked the security agencies to investigate it.

When he was first invited by the DSS, the security agency said the allegation was fake news, but Mailafia stood his ground.

He had also said he was ready to lay down his life for Nigeria like Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, did for his country.

“This is not the time to disown what I said. Yes, I was privy to some very sensitive information which all statesmen are entitled to have by virtue of our public roles,” he had said.

“I know that I should have taken more care to corroborate some of the information I received, but perhaps some of it was uncorroborated. I was in no position to follow them to the camp to corroborate what was going on.

“But I am not a sensationalist, I am an economist and a central banker; by nature we are not given to sensation. Let me make it clear: I am a humanist; I am a man of peace … I love Nigeria. Like Mandela, let me say if need be, I am prepared to give my life for Nigeria.”

Mailafia had also gone to court to seek a restraining order against the police who he said “are also pursuing me”.


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