Ebola: Malaysia to give 20m gloves to Nigeria, four other African countries


Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak, said Nigeria and four African countries would receive 20 million pairs of medical gloves to fight Ebola.

The other benefiting countries are Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He said on Monday in Kuala Lumpur that the donation was in response to the complaints by the medical experts, that the shortage of medical rubber gloves was a key problem in combating the outbreak.

Razak said Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea would each receive three containers of gloves, while Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo would each receive one container.

“Malaysia can make a unique and vital contribution to the fight against Ebola because we are one of the biggest manufacturers of rubber gloves,” he said.

“We hope this contribution will prevent the spread of Ebola and save lives,’’ he added.

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