Elections: APC put in a lot of work and merits victory – Adamu

Taiwo Adele
Taiwo Adele
Sen. Abdullahi Adamu

According to Abdullahi Adamu, the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress, the party has put in a lot of effort and is deserving of success in the upcoming elections.

This was said by Adamu on Wednesday in Abuja when discussing the chances of the party.

“The APC is completely ready and prepared to participate in this election. For our party, winning this election is the only outcome that matters. We have put in a lot of effort.

No other party has been able to mount as strong of a campaign as the APC.

I have no doubt that the work we have put into this campaign will pay off in electoral victories.

And, by God’s help, we will undoubtedly emerge as the winning party from this Saturday’s presidential election,”¬†Adamu stated.

He urged party members and operatives to behave civilly and exercise caution in the voting booth.

Also, he asked parties to help the Independent National Electoral Commission hold an election that complied with all requirements for fairness and openness.

Contrary to claims of disintegration, the party’s leader declared, the APC was entering the election as a unified front.

Bola Tinubu, the party’s presidential candidate, and the other APC contenders, he claimed, were working closely with the National Working Committee and the party’s other organs to win the election.

He expressed confidence that Tinubu will give Nigerians new hope if elected as the nation’s next leader.

The APC and Tinubu have been traveling the entire nation in recent months to campaign and enlist Nigerians’ support in advance of the 2019 elections, according to Adamu.

“At these campaign rallies, we were welcomed by sizable crowds of fans and adherents in every location we went, proving that we are the largest party in Nigeria.

“On Tuesday, we had our final major rally in Lagos, and the sheer number of our fans who showed up at the event makes me happy.

He continued by saying that the party explained to voters before the elections how it planned to build on Major General Muhammadu Buhari’s (ret.) legacy in the areas of infrastructure development, agriculture, security, and youth development.

“We advised Nigerians to put faith in Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s ability to give them new hope.

“I tell every Nigerian that the future APC administration would not only build on enormous achievements of the past eight years, but it will also open new areas of growth for the country,” he stated.


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