I welcome court order to release my husband’s body for burial, says Lulu-Briggs’ widow


Seinye Lulu-Briggs, widow of the late Benson Lulu-Briggs, founder of Moni Pulo Limited, says she is satisfied with the order of the Accra high court to release her deceased husband’s remains for burial.

In a statement, Seinye expressed satisfaction with the verdict of the high court which asked her to release the corpse of the late Lulu-Briggs for burial.

She said the order was in line with the deceased’s wishes.

Se said: “I am grateful that the Monday December 23, 2019 Justice Eric Kyei Baffour’s High Court of Ghana (Commercial Division) order for the release of the corpse of High Chief Dr O.B. Lulu-Briggs is in line with my beloved husband’s burial wishes which are as follows:

“I wish to be buried and for my wife Seinye Peterba Lulu-Briggs, if she survives me, to take an active part in my funeral services.

“I direct that my funeral services be simple and done in Kalabari tradition as allowed by my Christian beliefs in recognition of the dignity of my position as head of Young Briggs House.

“I request that there be no mourning or weeping. Any members of my family and a beneficiary under this Will who refuses to participate in my funeral shall be completely excluded from benefit under this Will as if such person had predeceased me.”

Seinye said the court order “fully protects her priority” since the death of her husband.

“Despite attempts by members of my family to use Kalabari custom and tradition to relegate me to the background, the High Court of Ghana order upholds my husband’s wishes,” she said.

“Justice Baffour’s order fully protects and enables what has been and remains my top priority since my beloved husband translated into glory which is that he receives a honorable and dignified burial.

“I am very pleased and welcome this development. It paves the way for my husband’s January 25, 2020 burial arrangements to proceed apace.

“Indeed, we can pick up from where we were immediately following my husband’s translation to glory and we were working amicably to bury my husband as a compound with my son Dumo taking the lead.

She also said the order that the result of the autopsy conducted on her late husband be made available to the court “will allow the unnecessary acrimony about (her) husband’s death to be put to rest”.


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