Igboho appoints spokesman, says he’ll no longer grant interviews


Sunday Adeyemo, youth leader better known as Sunday Igboho, says he will no longer grant interviews.

Igboho came into the spotlight after he asked Fulani herders to vacate Ibarapa area of Oyo state.

He has openly addressed the public and his supporters on his agitation for the protection of the Yoruba from ”killer” herdsmen.

He has also granted interviews on the issues.

But the youth leader said he noticed some fake news about him has been making the rounds.

In the short viral video, Igboho introduced one Olayomi Koiki whom he said would speak on his behalf henceforth.

Igboho said: “I have been seeing fake news flying here and there, some said I’m not scared of civil war, any news that you see henceforth that is not from Koiki don’t believe it.

“Anything Koiki says about me is true because we sleep and wake up together every day.”


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