Jonathan, Buhari lack education on how to lead Nigeria, says Gumi


Ahmad Gumi, Islamic cleric, says former President Goodluck Jonathan and President Muhammadu Buhari both lack education on how to lead Nigeria.

Gumi spoke when Isah El-Buba, general overseer of Evangelical Bible Outreach Ministry International, (EDOMI), paid him a visit in Kaduna on Thursday.

Gumi said politicians have succeeded in dividing the country along ethnic and religious lines for selfish reasons, and that they will pay for their mischief if they do not desist from stoking tension.

“People are poor today, all the kidnappings, banditry and armed robberies, among others are ways of the masses to express their anger about the system,” Gumi said.

“Unless the elites who are mostly politicians stop living in presumed paradise amidst poverty and rancour, they would soon be paying for their mischief.”

He lamented the high rate of illiteracy in the north, saying the region needs education to make progress.

He said northern leaders are not willing to provide qualitative education for the people because of their greed.

According to him, Jonathan and Buhari “are not good for Nigeria because they lack proper education to steer the affairs of the country”.

Earlier, El-Buba said he was on a nationwide tour to sensitise Nigerians on the need for good governance, adding that he needs fearless people like the cleric to achieve his mission.

He sad the situation in Nigeria today was caused by long years of misrule, saying it is unfortunate that things are “getting worst daily and nobody seems to cares”.

”You need to go out today and see the kind of hardship in the land. My friend, our people are suffering, they have suffered.

“I and you can not fold our arms to allow this to continue. We must start with the masses to let them know that they have to come out and vote for leaders that can lead them in future.

“So, we have to start inculcating in them this orientation. For the past 20 years we have been unfortunate to have politicians who only cared for themselves and families.

“The present president came in with a slogan of change and fighting corruption, but it seems that those he want to fight has overpowered him and the masses are the ones paying the prize.

“However, hope is not lost as we are on the move to salvage our country especially the northern region, to return it back to the good old days,” El Buba said.


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