Kayode Fayemi: A Governor they all love to hate, By Chief Samuel Bandele Falegan


I have cause to read the contrived attacks of a “triumvirate” of the likes of Segun Ayobolu, Segun Adedeji and one Jide Adamolekun that came up in succession in the news media recently, all attacking Dr. Kayode Fayemi in an unkind manner in order to destroy him from being made a Minister under Buhari administration.

I know it is a conspiracy but pray that one day those behind it will regret their actions.

To quote some destructive comments from them such as “worthless, of no electoral advantage vindictive, etc” will be mere repetition and paper wasting.

Gentlemen, why are you in your concerted and hateful efforts and writings all coming together at this time to make sure that he plays no role under the Buhari administration?


Envy, jealousy, hatred, conspiracy all rapped together because of some sponsors? Inordinate ambition and bad blood.

You may or you may succeed in your determination to destroy Kayoed Fayemi. He has already made his mark in the art of governance in Ekiti.

He has gone further to create a nitch for himself in conducting the best organized and well conducted APC Congress which saw the emergence of General Buhari that led to the latter being elected as a president of Nigeria thus, leading into a revolutionary change most unexpected in Nigeria’s political history.

It is this hate-fear of him being made a Minister that your collective conspiracy has led to your article of hatred. What a sad reflection on conspirators who now use their ulterior motive to blame Kayode Fayemi for the loss of the June 2014 election and the recently concluded Ekiti State House of Assembly election.

You deliberately played down on the rigging machinery of Federal authority which has now rebounded on the perpetrators especially on the outgone President Jonathan, who if he has conscience should admit guilt of employing falsehood and blackmail to deliberately impose Fayose on us in Ekiti. If you pretend not to know, I will expose two instruments of conspiracy which you try to play down.

There are two element of the anti-Yoruba conspiracy that are interwovenly executed both taking and admission of Civil-cum – Military forms, but are actively promoted and supported by President Jonathan.

The irony of the conspiracy is that, a non-Yoruba man (indeed from President Jonathan home state), in his commitment to national interest, exposed this plot while two Yoruba’s, Dr. Okupe and Dr. Abati implicitly supported the internally Yoruba-sponsored plot by their silence.

The two elements are as follows:

1. The Eastern Nigeria – Anti Yoruba (West) Plot. The summary of the plot is that the East in its hatred for the Yoruba race felt that only the North and the East suffered the physical destruction under civil war.

It is therefore their turn to make sure that the Yoruba suffer destruction. This plot was exposed through (Col) OmotNgene of the `creek army; in his 16 page diary of Monday 21st July, 2014 under two parts. The important aspects are quoted from Col. OmotNgene.

Part 1: The Vampires’ Pact: Uba brothers and Ekiti/Osun State Election Contracts.

“So how many sons and daughters of Ekiti and Osun State know that the June 21, 2014 Governorship Election in Ekiti and the coming Osun State Governorship Election were contracted to Chief Uba by the President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP to deliver as electoral victory to PDP?.

Do the Ekiti people know that going by the terms of that “election fixing” contract, Chief Chris Uba shall begin to take N650 million from Ekiti State treasury via the State’s Federal Allocation drawn at source every month effective from October 2014 after the swearing in of the new Governor? This is standing order exclusive of recurrent benefits in contract awards.

Do the people of Osun know that the same condition applies to Osun State if Chief Uba should also succeed to deliver on the Osun Election Fixing Condition to the PDP and president Goodluck Jonathan? Do the people of Osun State know that should Chief Uba fixed the election and successfully deliver victory to PDP, Senator Iyiola Omisore as Governor of the State is sealed to pay him (Chief Chris Uba) a monthly sum of N850 million every month via the same channel of drawing from source upon release of monthly Federal Allocation to the State?

The difference in the Osun’s Contract fee to Ekiti’s is because Omisore had preferred the lump sum of N850 million refund every month to Chris Uba without an additional pact of recurrent benefit of contract award. And this was accepted in this wise because for his State, Uba is not the direct beneficiary. You will know beneficiary in due course.

Do the people of Ekiti and Osun State know that the Resignation Letters of Mr. Peter Ayodele Fayose and Senator Iyiola Omisore from being the Governor and Chief Security Officers of Ekiti and Osun States respectively were signed before Mr. President Goodluck Jonathan and in the presence of Chris Uba. These letters are being held in trust for both parties personally by Mr. President.”

The Vampire Part 2: Revisionism as my cause for Defection. This led to the full-scale military operation under Brig. General Aliyu Momoh in Ekiti State as discussed later.

“At incipient of the Amnesty programme when it began to claim credibility for irreversible commitment of the administration of President Yar’dua- may Allah (as mark of recognition and respect for his religion) grant him paradise eternity – signs of ethnic discrimination from Ijaw axis against other ethnic component arms of the NDM.

The perniciously affected more were those from the Akoko-Edo/Ilaje axis of Edo/Ondo State conurbation. With keen sense of diligence to the list of potential beneficiaries, Yar’dua queried it twice and his interests in that ethnic balance percolated down for the minority to feel substantially.

Indeed, how he perceived the acts of injustice I could not say, but he detected it and called for remedy. Evidence I personally accessed pointed to the office of his Vice President as the manipulator of those lists.

After the demise of Yar’dua and Jonathan became officially in charge, the injustice resume in the later stages of the Amnesty implementation. But in a pretention balance of justice, the purported Edo/Ondo share for the 2010 was skewed, with impunity, in favour of Edo State but Ondo had fallen to the governance of a perceived “rascal – Dr. Olusegun Mimiko”

Those deduction have since October 2014 been made monthly from Ekiti State Federal Allocation from source. That is why Fayose tells lies that it was Kayode Fayemi that wasted their money by deliberately playing on the intelligence of uniformed workers and people of Ekiti State. The change of government by the grace of God will expose the criminal conspiracy of Fayose and stop that rubbish.

2. The second evidence is what is called EKITIGATE made up of both audio and video recordings of direct military operation involving Brigadier Aliyu Momoh and Capt. Sagrin Koli Brigadier intelligence officer to Momoh.

Therefore, you can see naked display of impunity, heartlessness, arrogance, abuse and misuse of power and man’s inhumanity to man. You can see how a whole Brigadier General who is supposed to use his office and position to protect the nation, uses his power to corrupt himself and compromise the trust imposed on him. Both Capt. Sagir Koli and Col. OmotNgeme are now declared deserters and hiding outside the country for protection.

Rather than being acclaimed for chivalry and honour for conceding defeat, President Jonathan should search his conscience and see that he had used the concession of defeat to save himself from infamy; that is why he has been behaving like MACBETH in his departing activities.

Mr. Conspirators, what you have done to run down Kayode Fayemi is an action worse that inactivity, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”

It is a spiteful political decision which does not reflect any credit on the balance and maturity of those who make them.

Ask Dr, Okupe and Dr. Abati of the letter I wrote to the President and his Vice-president on the Utilization of SURE-P Funds. Did you let the President and his Vice-president see the letter? If you did, what action did he take that gave 80 percent SURE-P funds to PDP State of North and East, amounting of N2 billion each and two percent to the West with none to Ekiti State at all.

Suppose Kayode Fayemi has won the June 21, 2014 Election or the APC has also won the 2015 House of Assembly Election, what would you have done? How many of you were ready to face the ravaging onslaught of federally sponsored Fayose phantom victory, coming from a ruthless Satan, worshiping in the synagogue of Demons?

How many of you will like to be DON QUIXOTE at the WINDMILL, willing to knock your heads against the wall? If the paid writers from Ekiti, why are you so uncharitable to Fayemi? What part of Ekiti – towns, villages, hamlets did Fayemi not know and touch to execute his programme of development, which include rural road network, renovation of rural sector of our State.

What about social security for the elderly, Job volunteer scheme, rural development and tourist promotion all of which had been cancelled by Fayose? What about the proposed railway line to transport crunch quarry stone from Ekiti to construction markets in neighbouring States?

What about the proposed flyover at Fajuyi Park? What about the scores of foreign business partners that flooded Ekiti all of who had left the place because of Fayose’s impunity and the incitement of people like you? What about modern industrial park, civic centre, the new Pavilion all of which you deride as unnecessary waste.

I know that your blindness to these initiatives and developments is because they are proposed for Ado, the State Capital. I am aware that some of these haters of Kayode Fayemi have asked for one favour, positions, contracts or the other and because he was not able to meet all their requirements, they now gang up against him.

Until some of us are able to remove the past prejudices against Ado-Ekiti (to which one of the sponsors belong for selfish reasons could not discern), we should all stop by now at our so called level of education – overgrow and outgrow level of hatred of Ado-Ekiti.

I have often said that the neglecting of Ado-Ekiti, the State Capital is neglecting the whole Ekiti and vice versa. I am like many of these conspirators are critical of Kayode Fayemi.

Thank God Kayode has not put them in Isan, his home town. Can your Governor Fayose in his evil design wipe out the memory of good projects of predecessor? Can you see how he has desecrated the burial ground where late Deputy Governor Mrs. Funmilayo Olayinka was buried and a place meant for heroes of Ekiti?

Kayode Fayemi, you are a man of destiny with the path to the top already paved by God for you, all the challenges along the road not-withstanding. I will not be surprised when it is the turn of Yoruba race, for you to be the President of Nigeria. You, an Ekiti man will be called upon to lead the country.

Read Isaiah 60: verse 14 and sing this song: “Through the night of dark and sorrow. Onward goes our pilgrims band singing songs of expectation, marching to the promised land.”

A note of caution to my newly elected President Buhari, with my full heart I say congratulations. If you are able to get my earlier letter to the former President on SURE-P, all oil leases listed in that letter should be reviewed in the interest of the nation. The owners, mostly Northerners are richer than all Northern State governments put together.

As for Generalissimo “Ahmed Tinubu”, beware of the three wired sisters and their prophecies in MACBETH. Resist the temptation to be used by rascals against Kayode Fayemi. We too at our age and at home front in Ekiti feel the pangs of deliberate falsehood, incitement, hatred and undue interference as if there are no elders in Ekiti to cope with the situation.

Those brought to you one of our senators to run down Kayode Fayemi are neither doing you and your image nor Ekiti any good. By their singular act of collective perfidy, they have committed a rape on human decency and have strained the relation that exists between man and man.

No lie however potent can erase or remove the legacy Kayode Fayemi has left in Ekiti State. It is they who have problem and not Kayode Fayemi. They will soon realize and face the problem when they will soon be confronted with the “Roaring Lion” accompanied by the “Virginian Wolf”.

Chief Samuel Bandele Falegan is former Managing Director of Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria and he is the Atoye of Ado-Ekiti

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