Lagos to reward exceptional public officers – HoS


Lagos State Government says it has instituted the policy of rewarding Officers identified to have consistently met or exceeded agreed set targets and exhibited exceptional work ethics, diligence, innovation and creativity in the discharge of their duties.

The new policy is in furtherance of the State Government’s objective to have a world class Public Service where staffs have the right attitude to the implementation of the vision of Government and to encourage creativity and innovation amongst Officers in the State Public Service.

The Head of Service, Olabowale Ademola who disclosed this in Lagos Tuesday at the Y2017 Ministerial Press Briefing in commemoration of the second year anniversary of the Ambode-led government in the State noted that henceforth Permanent Secretaries/Accounting Officers in the State Civil Service would issue Letters of Commendation to such deserving Officers.

Ademola asserted that the core values of probity, transparency, accountability, discipline and efficient and effective service delivery would continued to be entrenched in the State Public Service structure adding that as the hub of Public Service activities in the State, her Office is not unaware of its clear mandate to provide leadership and direction to the State Public Service.

Said she, “Let me add that the Office is conscious of its onerous responsibilities and appreciates the enormity thereof. As a result, we have always been guided by our stated objectives in order to ensure the realization of the State Government’s avowed commitment to professionalism in the Public Service, the welfare of Public Servants and the existence of industrial peace.”

The Head of Service noted that the State Government has designed a programme termed One-Day Re-orientation for Students on Industrial Training/Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (IT/SIWES) for the purpose of improving the IT experience of students in higher institutions.

According to her, the programme, which is the first of its kind in the Public Service, will serve as a platform for IT Students to learn good work ethics such as dignity of labour, sense of responsibility, accountability and professionalism.

“The essence of the programme is to contribute to the development of a crop of hardworking and responsible young people who will become tomorrow’s leaders,” the Head of Service averred.

Mrs. Ademola added that the State Government has already embarked on a customer perception survey of the six most customers facing Service Chartered Agencies such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, Lands Bureau, LAWMA and MVAA in order to ascertain their level of Service Charter compliance and customer satisfaction in accessing Government services.

“A 2-day Service Improvement Plan Strategy Workshop was organized for Service Delivery Unit Officers of all Chartered MDAs and health facilities to address identified gaps in the service delivery chain across the Chartered Agencies, rub minds and share experiences that would take the Service Charter to the next level in all MDAs,” Ademola opined.


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