LASU blames non-issuance of certificates on students’ poor database


The Vice- Chancellor of the Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo, Prof. John Obanfunwa, on Monday said the mismanagement of students’ database was responsible for the non-issuance of certificates to some former part-time students of the institution.

Obafunwa said at a media briefing in Lagos that the institution had no database on students in the School of Part-Time Studies before he assumed office.

Several past part-time graduates of LASU had petitioned the Lagos State House of Assembly over the delay in the issuance of certificates to them on completion of their programmes.

The Assembly, however, directed the authorities of the institution to issue the certificates to the affected students but Obafunwa said the students allegations were baseless as they must have had issues to resolve at that time which was ignored due to “improper documentation” of their database.

The vice-chancellor said most of the students, who lodged the complaints were either not legitimate students of the institution or students, who had bundles of carry over courses to still write.

Obafunwa explained that some of the affected students also had outstanding school fees to pay, while others were not matriculated and did not have matriculation numbers.

“How can you be a student of a university and you do not have a matriculation number or did not pay school fees,” he said.

Obafunwa said that the university, under his administration, had advanced to operate digitally as the data of all the students had been electronically documented and could be obtained when needed.

“We have also moved from the old mode of the examination operated to an advanced system where results of students can be generated within 48 hours.”

The vice-chancellor said that LASU’s Information Communication Technology Unit was presently loading the profiles of students in batches into the system and about 24,000 profiles had been loaded so far, adding that “This was designed to have adequate and reliable information of the students to reduce complaints.”

Obafunwa urged students to submit their bio-data and passports to the ICT unit to enable the authority to print their certificates for endorsement when needed.

“If a student data cannot be generated from the system, the authorities will find it impossible to print the certificate which has to be endorsed before issued,” he said.

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