Makinde, Fayose feud may consume PDP, cleric warns


A renowned cleric has warned that unless the crisis between Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde and ex-governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state is amicably resolved soon, it may consume the entire Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

This is as he also warned politicians, political office holders, and those in leadership positions to prepare for a hard time from the members of their constituency if they fail to use their position to impact positively on them.

The warnings form part of the 2021 prophesies and vision released by the Presiding Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Arogungbogunmi International, Prophet Richard Kolawole during the end of the year convention of the Church which held at the International Headquarters, Ibadan.

The cleric who also disclosed that there is an ongoing gang up between members of the ruling PDP and leading opposition party, All Progressive Congress (APC) against Governor Makinde, called on the PDP leaders to ensure they amicably resolve the Makinde-Fayose feud to save the PDP in the country.

Prophet Kolawole said “The Lord says, if care is not taken, the battle between Seyi Makinde and Ayodele Fayose will consume the entire PDP in Nigeria.

“Seyi Makinde was appointed by God Himself to rule Oyo State, he was not accidental, but right now, there is a gang-up against him.

“The Lord says there is a terrible gang-up against Seyi Makinde from the two parties People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo State ahead of 2023 and the Lord says he should resolve the problem.

“PDP and APC are trying to reunite to remove Makinde. These people are working every day to make sure they unseat him.

“Everybody should be praying for Seyi Makinde to finish well because these people are trying hard and they have vowed to remove him, so the governor should also put his house in order to make sure that the problem is over.”

He added that there will be an increase in kidnapping as there will be cases of flooding and fire outbreaks in many states of the federation, just as he charged all state governors to be ready and fight these challenges.

“There will be an increase in kidnapping and the numbers of bandits. The Lord says He’s ready to face those in authority with death, a lot of high caliber and eminent personality will die because they refuse to bring in the change the country desires.

“The Lord says, He is ready to visit the house of God because of a lot of minister o God that refuse to say the truth will do or suffer serious ailment that will stop them from appearing before the church of God.

“The Lord says, He will strike a lot of ministers that are close to this present government and refuses to do the needful. The Lord says the economy will remain as it is because this government has lost her focus.

“The youths will engage in a lot of criminality that will throw everyone into confusion because the government have not find a solution to unemployment. Boko Haram will be more active and resume fresh operation in the northern part of the federation.

“The Lord says, APC will split into factions before 2023 because thy want power to return to the north. The Lord says the refusal of this government to put to end killing of the innocent lives and shedding of blood will make this government band this country not to experience peace,” the prophet warned.


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