MEND threatens to assassinate Lagos probate judges


The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) has said it may be forced to begin lethal bomb attacks on the lives and properties of some probate judges of the Lagos State High Court because of the refusal of the judges to sign letters of administration of its deceased members’ families after due approval over two years ago.

In a statement signed by one Commander Wilberforce, MEND said it will assassinate the judges except if they sign the letters which have been lying on their tables for several months. The group accused the Lagos judges of being corrupt, insensitive, wicked and unfeeling. It claimed that some of the dependants of their deceased members have died while some of their children have been chased away from schools owing to lack of finances. A situation which MEND said could have been forestalled had the judges signed the letters of administration.

“For over two years a good number of our members have been processing the Letters of Administration of their deceased families. All they keep hearing is “Come tomorrow,” as a result of this inhuman and wicked attitude of the probate judges who refused to sign the letters lying dormant in their offices, so many beneficiaries lost their lives this year, the children of the deceased have been chased out of schools for lack of funds and some have gone into various crimes just to survive.

“A number of times the judges collected bribes from them but still refused to sign the letters. We can no longer condone this wickedness of the highest order, this is the reason we are writing all Authorities of the Lagos State Government and Judiciary to intervene or else we would be forced to launch series of attacks on these corrupt judges and their families. We know their houses as well as their modus operandi,” the group warned.

MEND warned other ethnic militant groups not to interfere with the terror campaign should it start.
The group said, “No ethnic militant group should interfere, this is not a matter of tribe, this is about humanity,”
MEND, however expressed hope that the Lagos State governor, Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola and the State’s Chief Judge, Honourable Ayotunde Phillips would intervene in their case before it begins its bomb campaign.

“We sincerely advice the Governor and Chief Judge to intervene or else we shall spill their blood, serial violence is the only language Nigerians understand, since they have decided to murder the beneficiaries through their inactions then they leave us no choice than to meet wickedness with higher wickedness. In the coming weeks we shall publish the names and addresses of ALL Ikeja probate judges.

“Evil prevail when good men do nothing. We hereby issue a 12-Day ultimatum to them to sign and release all Letters of Administration published last year. Failure to do so will result to a serial co-ordinated attacks and bombing of their houses and vehicles,” it threatened.

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