Merkel expects Macron as leaders map out new course for EU


French President Emmanuel Macron will be welcomed in Berlin on Monday by German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the two leaders move to strengthen the alliance between their nations and map out a new course for Europe.

Macron’s visit to Germany set to begin on Monday afternoon with military honours at the chancellery will be his first trip outside France since his inauguration as the nation’s new leader on Sunday.

France and Germany have traditionally been seen as the driving force behind European integration and Macron is keen to act on a campaign promise to reform and strengthen the bloc.

Merkel has already backed Macron’s call for a new European investment programme to boost growth.

She also said she respects the enormous tasks facing 39-year-old Macron as he seeks to boost the economy and overcome the sense of political malaise in his country.

The meeting comes on the same day that Macron is expected to unveil his choice for prime minister.


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