Newly restructured programmes in Nigerian varsities

Adebari Oguntoye
Adebari Oguntoye
University of Ibadan

The National Universities Commission recently unveiled a newly restructured curriculum for Nigerian universities.

The acting Executive Secretary of the commission, Dr. Chris Maiyaki, during a meeting with stakeholders last week, reiterated that the implementation of the new curriculum will commence in September 2023.

According to Maiyaki, the new curriculum CCMAS would make up 70 per cent of the curriculum while the university decides what to include in the remaining 30 per cent.

According to him, the implementation will help sharpen the future of education sector.

The new curriculum as analysed by NewMailNG means that universities in the country will officially have 17 disciplines of faculties namely Administration and Management; Agriculture; Allied Health Sciences; Architecture; Arts; Basic Medical Sciences; Communications and Media Studies; Computing; Education; Engineering and Technology; Environmental Sciences; Law; Medicine and Dentistry; Pharmaceutical Sciences; Sciences; Social Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.

Notable points to look out for include the unbundling of mass communications to create a distinct discipline of Communications comprising degree programmes in Advertising, Broadcasting, Development Communication Studies, Film and Multimedia, Information and Media Studies, Journalism and Media Studies, Mass Communication, Public Relations and Strategic Communication; Agriculture was unbundled into programmes in its contributing components of B.Sc Agricultural Economics, B.Sc. Animal Science, B.Sc. Crop Science and B.Sc. Soil Science;

The unbundling of Architecture and introduction of Architecture as a new discipline with programmes like Architecture, Architectural Technology, Furniture Design, Interior Architecture Design, Landscape Architecture and Naval architecture;

The split of the Basic Medical Sciences discipline into two – Basic Medical
Sciences and Allied Health Sciences; Attached to this article is the full list of programmes in their respective disciplines.

Administration and Management

Department of Accounting
Department of Actuarial Science
Department of Aviation Management
Department of Finance
Department of Business Administration
Department of Business Information Technology
Department of Co-operative and Rural Development
Department of Employment and Human Resource Management
Department of Entrepreneurship
Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management B.Sc.

Department of Information Resource Management B.Sc.

Department of Insurance B.Sc.

Department of Local Government and Development Studies B.Sc.

Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management B.Sc

Department of Marketing B.Sc.

Department of Office and Information Management B.Sc.

Department Petroleum Information Management B.Sc.

Department Procurement Management B.Sc.

Department of Project Management

Department of Public Administration

Department of Security and Investment

Department of Taxation

Department of Transport Management

-Faculty of Agriculture

1. Agribusiness
B.Sc. Agribusiness
2. Agricultural Science (5-year option)
B. Agriculture
3. Agricultural Economics
B.Sc. Agricultural Economics
4. Agricultural Extension
B.Sc. Agricultural Extension
5. Animal Science
B.Sc. Animal Science
6. Crop Science
B.Sc. Crop Science
7. Family and Consumer Sciences
B. Sc. Family and Consumer Sciences
8. Fisheries and Aquaculture
B.Sc. Fisheries and Aquaculture
9. Food Science and Technology
B. Sc. / B. Tech
10.Forest Resources and Wildlife Management
B.Sc. Forest Resources and Wildlife Management
11. Horticulture and Landscape Management
B.Sc. Horticulture and landscape Management
12. Soil Science
B.Sc. Soil Science
13. Water Resources Management and Agro-meteorology
B.Sc. Water Resources and Ago-meteorology

-Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

1. Audiology – B.AUD
2. Complementary and Alternative Medicine – B.Sc. CAM
3. Dental Technology B.Sc. DNT
4. Dental Therapy B.DT
5. Environmental Health Science B.EHS
6. Health Care Administration and Hospital Management B.Sc. HAM
7. Health Information Management
8. Information Technology and Health Informatics B.Sc. ITH
9. Medical Laboratory Science BMLS
10. Nursing Sciences B.N.Sc
11. Human Nutrition and Dietetics B.Sc.
12. Occupational Therapy B.OT.
13. Optometry O.D
14. Pharmacology B.Sc. PHA
15. Physiotherapy DP
16. Prosthetics and Orthotics B.Sc. P&O
17. Public Health B.Sc.
18. Radiography B.Rad
19. Speech-Language Therapy B.SLT


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1. Architecture
2. Architectural technology
3. Furniture design
4. Interior architecture design
5. Landscape architecture
6. Naval architecture


B.A Folklore

B.A Film production

B.A African Languages and Literature Efik

B.A African Languages and Literature Hausa

B.A African Languages and Literature Ibibio

B.A African Languages and Literature Igbo

B.A African Languages and Literature Yoruba

B.A African Traditional Religion

B.A Arabic

B.A Archaeology

B.A Chinese language

B.A Christian Religious Studies

B.A Christian Theology

B.A Classics

B.A English Language and Literature in English

B.A history and diplomatic studies

B.A History

B.A Islamic studies

B.A Linguistics

B.A Modern European Languages French

B.A Modern European Languages German

B.A Modern European Languages German

B.A Modern European Languages Russia

B.A Music

B.A Philosophy

B.A Religious Studies

B.A Theatre Arts

-Basic Medical Sciences

1. Human Anatomy B.Sc.
2 Physiology B.Sc.

-Communications and Media Studies

BSC Strategic communications

BSC advertising

BSC Broadcasting

BSC Development Communications Studies

BSC Film and multimedia

BSC Information and Media Studies

BSC Journalism and Media Studies

BSC Mass Communications

BSC Public Relations


BSC Cybersecurity

BSC Software Engineering

BSC Data Science

BSC Information and Communications Technology

BSC of Information Technology

BSC Information System

BSC Computer Science


1 Adult and Continuing Education B. Ed
2 Agricultural Education B. Sc. (Ed)
3 Arabic B. A. (Ed)
4 Biology B. Sc. (Ed)
5 Business Education B. Sc. (Ed)
6 Chemistry B. Sc. (Ed)
7 Christian Religious Studies B.A. (Ed)
8 Computer Science B. Sc. (Ed)
9 Creative Arts Education B. A. (Ed)
10 Early Childhood Education B. (Ed)
11 Economics B. Sc. (Ed)
12 Educational Management B. (Ed)
13 Efik-Ibibio Education B. A. (Ed)
14 English Language/Literature-in-English B. A. (Ed)
15 Entrepreneurship Education B. Ed
16 Environmental Education B. Sc. (Ed)
17 French B. A. (Ed)
18 Geography B. Sc. (Ed)
19 Guidance and Counseling B. (Ed)
20 Hausa B. A. (Ed)
21 Health Education B. (Ed)
22 History B. A. (Ed)
23 Home Economics B. Sc. (Ed)
24 Human Kinetics/Physical Education B. (Ed)
25 Igbo B. A. (Ed)
26 Integrated Science B. Sc. (Ed)
27 Islamic Studies B. A. (Ed)
28 Language Arts and Communication B. A. (Ed)
29 Library and Information Science B. Ed
30 Mathematics B. Sc. (Ed)
31 Music B. A. (Ed)
32 Physics B. Sc. (Ed)
33 Political Science B. Sc. (Ed)
34 Primary Education B. Ed
35 Social Studies and Civic Education B. Sc. (Ed)
36 Special Needs Education B. (Ed)
37 Sustainable Development Studies B. Sc. (Ed)
38 Technology Education B. Tech. (Ed)
39 Yoruba


1 Aerospace Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

2 Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

3 Automotive Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

4 Biomedical Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

5 Chemical Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

6 Civil Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

7 Computer Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

8 Electrical Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

9 Electrical and Electronic Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

10 Electronic Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

11 Environmental Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

12 Food Science and Engineering/Technology
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

13 Industrial and Production Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

14 Information and Communication Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

15 Marine Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

16 Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

17 Mechanical Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

18 Mechatronics Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

19 Metallurgical Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

20 Mining Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

21 Natural Gas Engineering
B.Eng/B. Tech/B.Sc.

22 Petrochemical Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

23 Petroleum Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

24 Petroleum and Gas Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

25 Structural Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

26 Systems Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

27 Telecommunications Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

28 Water Resources Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.

29 Wood Products Engineering
B.Eng./B. Tech./B.Sc.


1. Common Law
2. Combined Law

-Medicine and Dentistry

1 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS/MBChB)
2 Dentistry Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS/BChD)


1 Applied Geophysics B.Sc.
2 Biochemistry B.Sc.
3 Biology B.Sc.
4 Biotechnology B.Sc.
5 Botany B.Sc.
6 Brewing Science and Technology B.Sc.
7 Chemistry B.Sc.
8 Environmental Management and Toxicology B.Sc.
9 Forensic Science B.Sc.
10 Geology B.Sc.
11 Industrial Chemistry B.Sc.
12 Industrial Mathematics B.Sc.
13 Industrial Physics B.Sc.
14 Marine Science B.Sc.
15 Maritime Science B.Sc.
16 Mathematics B.Sc.
17 Medical Physics B.Sc.
18 Medicinal Chemistry B.Sc.
19 Meteorology B.Sc.
20 Microbiology B.Sc.
21 Petroleum Chemistry B.Sc.
22 Physics with Electronics B.Sc.
23 Physics B.Sc.
24 Science Laboratory Technology B.Sc.
25 Statistics B.Sc.
26 Zoology B.Sc.


1 Criminology and Security Studies B.Sc
2 Demography and Social Statistics B.Sc
3 Development Studies B.Sc
4 Economics B.Sc
5 International Relations B.Sc
6 Peace and Conflict Resolution B.Sc
7 Petroleum Economics and Policy Studies B.Sc
8 Political Science B.Sc
9 Politics, Philosophy and Economics B.Sc
10 Psychology B.Sc
11 Social Standards B.Sc
12 Social Work B.Sc.
13 Sociology B.Sc

-Veterinary medicine

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Courses under Environmental sciences could not be accessed at the time of filing this report

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