Ogun workers accuse Amosun of selective salary payment


Some civil servants in Ogun State have condemned what they described as selective salary payment by the state government.

The workers, members of the Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, said in a statement signed by the Adebiyi Olusegun, the union’s secretary, that “The now familiar selective payment system embraced by the state government where public workers get their legitimate earning long behind due date and the payment in haphazard mode is totally unbelievable and unacceptable.”

It accused the state of government of falsely blaming the delay in payment of October and November salaries on banks and reduced allocation from the federal government.

It said the haphazard mode of payment was jeopardising the welfare of workers in the state.

“We submit that this unwarranted treatment of dedicated workers can only serve the purpose of further impoverishment of workers’ ranks where it is an established fact that our earnings are mere existential pay that secure neither the moment nor the future.

“Or how can one explain (the) paltry earning not being paid in time and same paid without recourse to dignity and pride in human labour?” the workers said.

The workers said it was regrettable that despite the Internally Generated Revenue publicly declared by the state government, put at over N5 billion as at the third quarter of 2014, the government still finds it difficult to meet its basic responsibility of remunerating public servants.

“However, other government activities especially hyped towards the 2015 election have continued to enjoy funding without pause.

“Public workers of this state are formidable part of the mission to rebuild and in fulfilment of this mantra, reject in totality this discriminatory payment system and request on the state government to redress” the situation, the union said.

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