Osinbajo tackles secession advocates at Tinubu colloquium, says ‘We’d need visa to visit Kano’


Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo says those calling for Nigeria’s disintegration don’t understand the implications of their actions.

Speaking while delivering his speech virtually at the 12th Bola Tinubu colloquium held in Kano on Monday, Osinbajo said with Nigeria’s breakup, visiting states will require visas.

He praised Tinubu for his leadership style, which he described as “unusual”, adding that “the colloquium has become an institution in honour of an institution”.

Osinbajo maintained that he believes in the country’s unity, noting that Nigeria has the potential to excel, with the cooperation of citizens.

“The default mode of some at times like this is to stoke tendencies, viewpoints, and opinions that threaten the federation and our unity. But the colloquium, as usual, bets on Nigeria and its creative and resilient people,” he said.

“This is the first time the colloquium is being hosted outside Lagos or Abuja, and it is befitting that Kano should be that place. This is the city of radical and progressive ideas and ideologies.

“For the purveyors of breaking up into small components, into small countries, perhaps they should be reminded that we would not have been able to accept governor Ganduje’s offer to come to Kano at short notice, since we would all have needed visas to come to Kano.”

Osinbajo’s comment comes amid various calls for the division of Nigeria into smaller countries.

Asari Dokubo, leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Force, declared the formation of Biafra Customary Government (BCG).

Dokubo had also appointed new leaders of the government, adding that they would set up provincial structures for the new government.

One week after, Sunday Adeyemo, a youth leader better known as Sunday Igboho, declared that the Yoruba are no longer part of Nigeria.


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