Patience Jonathan, ex-presidential aide at war over $50m looted fund


Nigeria’s immediate past first family and ex-Special Assistant on Domestic Matters to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Dr. Waripamowei Dudafa, are currently at war over an alleged refusal of the ex-aide to return $50 million said to belong to the former First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan.

Dudafa, aside from from been an aide to Jonathan, was also considered to the adopted political godson of Dame Jonathan and was been prepared to wrest the power from the incumbent Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State.

However, since the defeat of Jonathan in the March 28 Presidential election, the prospect of Dudafa slugging it out with Dickson dimmed, thus creating a wide gulf between the former first family and the ex-aide.

The situation, according to a source, got to its head, when Dudafa was asked to return the $50 million in his possession, the request which he was said to have vehemently resisted, claiming that the money was given to him to prosecute his governorship ambition.

In fact, Dudafa was said to have disclosed to a close ally recently that the money in question does not belong to the former First Lady as being taunted, stressing that “The money was given to me to fund my governorship campaign. They specifically told me to use the money to fund my governorship campaign.”

The former presidential aide was said to have been irked by what he described as the former First family’s failure “to live up to their promise of making him governor after all the ‘dirty’ jobs they made him do for them,” the source said.

For now, those close to both parties say Dudafa may have stuck a deadly dagger in the spine of his godparents and benefactors, whom he is said to have been described as “selfish and wicked.”

The former aide, whom a source said was sited speaking to a mutual friend at Heathrow airport over the weekend, said in his bid to put down his former principals, he (Dudafa) did not hesitate to cast morality and decency to the winds to enact lethal deeds of treachery and deceit against the person of the former President and his wife.

The source, said the mutual friend who later reported his encounter with another mutual friend, said the former domestic aide possess no moral or legal rights to perpetrate such treachery against the former first family who, he said was solely responsible for Dudafa’s political rise and relevance even against all odds.

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