Ronaldo’s girlfriend joins #BringBackOurgirls campaign with nude picture


Cristiano Ronaldo’s model girlfriend, Irina Shayk has joined the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, adding to the growing list of international celebrities protesting the Abduction of over 200 girls in Nigeria.

Curiously, however, the model turned what would have been a good show into an object of ridicule with her posting of a topless picture of hers on Twitter in a social media campaign to garner support for Nigerian schoolgirls captured by Boko Haram.

In the picture, she held a placard with the inscription #BringBackOurGirls over her semi-nude body, making it indeed hard to contrast it from one of her popular swimsuit model shots.

This picture has evoked a lot of reactions from people around the world, most of whom are accusing her of using the campaign as a publicity stunt to stay relevant.

Irina Shayk is popular for her appearances in the Swimsuit edition of the Sports Illustrated magazine, has been in a relationship with Real Madrid star Ronaldo since 2010. Shayk has been criticized by several users of the social networking website for her latest ‘act.’

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