Saudi recalls diplomat accused of rape India


A Saudi Arabian Diplomat, identified as Majed-Hassan Ashoor, the First Secretary at the Saudi Embassy in New Delhi, accused of repeatedly raping and abusing two women has left India under cover of diplomatic immunity.

An official statement late Wednesday from New Delhi that took the unusual step of naming the diplomat, gave no details on how the diplomat left the country.

The statement explained that although a case was registered against the diplomat, but police could not act against him because he was protected under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

It said the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, gives diplomats immunity from arrest, criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits in the countries where they are posted.

The two women from Nepal, working as maids in the diplomat’s luxury apartment, have accused him of illegally confining and raping them during the past few months.

The Saudi Embassy has denied the allegations against the diplomat.

The embassy also refused to let police question him.

An Indian official said on condition of anonymity that the Nepali women were rescued from the diplomat’s apartment last week after a tip off from a human trafficking group and the Nepalese embassy.

The official said the women told police they were gang raped, assaulted and denied water and food while being held captive for several months.

He said the woman confessed to being raped by eight men on one occasion.

He said both women came from remote rural parts of Nepal and were sent to Saudi Arabia as domestic servants by human traffickers before returning to New Delhi with their employer.

A police officer involved in the case said he is confident they would be able to track the other accused men because they have CCTV from the entrance of the apartment.

He said their mobile phones could also be tracked.

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