Sunday Igboho blasts Ojudu, says ‘You are a liar’


Sunday Adeyemo, a youth leader better known as Sunday Igboho, has described Babafemi Ojudu, a presidential aide, as a liar.

Speaking with news outlets at his residence in Ibadan, Oyo state capital, on Tuesday morning, Igboho said he never had any meeting with Ojudu over the 2009 rerun election in Ekiti state.

In a piece, Ojudu had said he and Bola Tinubu, a national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), met with Igboho ahead of the rerun election.

The presidential aide also said Igboho agreed to meet with them on the condition that Lamidi Adedibu, the strongman of Ibadan politics, who is now late, must not know about the meeting.

But Igboho wondered how Adedibu, who died in 2008, could be an issue in an election which held in 2009.

He also said aside Lam Adesina and Rasheed Ladoja, former governors of Oyo state, he did not associate with other key politicians.

“Femi Ojudu is a liar. He is out to defame me… Ojodu mentioned Ahmed Tinubu in the piece, you can go and ask Tinubu about the election. I have only worked for two people; the late Lamidi Adesina and Rashidi Ladoja. I have never worked for Adedibu.

“Adedibu died in 2008 and Ojudu said the same Adedibu asked me to go to Ekiti in 2009. You can see he is a liar. Politicians are trying to penetrate the Yoruba struggle. You can kill the messenger but you cannot kill the message.

“I don’t know any Ojudu and if he is sure that I met him in a hotel, let him swear by the life of his children.”

Igboho also asked Ojudu to desist from “spreading falsehood” against him, saying failure to do so will attract a lawsuit.


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