Tompolo joins Olumba Olumba sect


One of the dreaded ex-leader of militant groups in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria has paid a visit to the sole spiritual leader of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu to receive baptism.

Brotherhood faithful including key officials of the spiritual organisation said Tompolo spent over four hours with the spiritual leader inside his inner vestry with his boys and other members present.

Although details of the conversation which the dreaded ex-militant had with Olumba Obu was not made public, Tompolo told Brotherhood adherents that he would substantially support the construction of the proposed mega-cathedral, called The Bassilicca, to be sited on a five hectare land in Calabar.

Before meeting with His Holiness Olumba Obu Saturday evening, Tompolo was said to have baptised into the fold two weeks ago.

Sources said that about a month ago, Tompolo sent emissaries led by his close relative as advance team to meet with the spiritual leader. The emissaries cleared the way for his formal visit, it was learnt a source said.

The emissaries reportedly delivered Tompolo’s request to the spiritual leader, which is thought to have prompted an evangelical delegation from the organisation to visit the influential ex-militant lord in his home in Delta State.

Tompolo’s visit to the community culminated in his homage to the Brotherhood leader whom he acknowledged as his Father, as having tremendously assisted him in prayers.”

“The Father’s helps have enabled me to survive the turbulent period and positioned me”, Tompolo told adherents.

Eye witness account said that the former head of militants praised the spiritual leader for the huge contracts he was said to have been awarded by the Federal Government to lay oil pipe lines across the Niger Delta region.

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