Trump calls on world to stand up to ‘Iran’s bloodlust’


Donald Trump on Tuesday called on nations around the world to tighten the economic noose around Iran’s economy, saying no country should support Iran’s “blood lust.”

“All nations have a duty to act,” the US president told the United Nations General Assembly, stressing that “No responsible government should subsidize Iran’s blood lust. As long as Iran’s menacing behaviour continues, sanctions will not be lifted. They will be tightened.”

Trump’s address comes after the US blamed Iran for attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia that temporarily halted half the Kingdom’s production.

The US president said that in response to the attacks on the Saudi Aramco plants, the US had imposed the highest level of sanctions on Iran’s central bank and sovereign wealth fun.

However, he said that there was a path to peace with Iran. “We want partners, not adversaries,” Trump said.

Earlier, Iran hit back after Germany, the UK and France said Tehran was responsible for the Aramco attacks.

“These allegations, which lack evidence, are based solely on a ridiculous rationale that ‘there is no other possible explanation’,” Iran’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday he hoped there could be progress on Iran in the coming hours after he held direct and frank talks with President Hassan Rouhani on Monday evening to try to find common ground.

“We have to get back around the table to have a frank and demanding discussion on the nuclear activity, Iran’s regional activities, the ballistic missile programme, but also to have a larger approach on what sanctions are,” Macron told reporters, without elaborating. “I hope we will be able to make progress in the coming hours.”



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