U.S intercepts Russian military aircraft by buffer zone off Alaska


U.S warplanes intercepted six Russian military planes entering a buffer zone off the coast of Alaska, the military said on Tuesday, noting that the Russian planes remained at all times in international airspace.

First, two Russian Tu-95s were intercepted by two U.S F-22 planes on Monday.

“A second group of Russian planes, comprising two Tupolevs and two SU-35 jets, were then intercepted by a second duo of F-22s,’’ the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD), announced.

Canada earlier this year identified other incidents of Russian military aircraft entering buffer zones.

NORAD includes both the U.S and Canada.

According to the U.S Federal Aviation Authority, any entry into buffer areas, known as Air Defence Identification Zones (ADIZ), must be announced in advance.

Report says the ADIZ off Alaska extends over 300 km from the shore.

During the Cold War, such interceptions were regular events, as the combined U.S and Canadian Air Defence sought deterrence against Soviet bombers and reconnaissance planes off North American borders.


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