Warring southern Kaduna communities sign peace pact


After recurring violence that has led to the loss of lives and properties, the Atyap, Fulani and Hausa communities in Kaduna have agreed to live in peace.

The ethnic groups are in Zangon-Kataf local government area of the state where a three-month curfew was lifted 24 hours ago.

The peace agreement comes after many efforts to reconcile the ethnic groups failed.

At a reconciliation summit on Saturday, representatives of the ethnic groups agreed to forgive one another and assist security agencies with information that could lead to the arrest of trouble makers.

The meeting summoned by Dominic Yahaya, agwatyap of Atyap, held at Yakubu Event Centre in Ungwan Wakil.

The communique issued after the meeting was signed by representatives of the Atyap, Fulani and Hausa communities.

All parties were asked not to take laws into their hands but submit to the lawful authorities.

They also highlighted the importance of working out the modalities for the return of displaced persons and recommended the establishment of a standing peace committee with representatives from Hausa, Fulani and Atyap communities.


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