We’re not issuing new type of work visa, US embassy warns


The United States embassy in Nigeria has denied issuing a new type of work visa as claimed by a viral press statement.

The forged statement was purportedly issued by the “US Citizenship and Immigration Services”.

It claimed that US President Joe Biden signed an order to that effect, after which it was communicated to the Nigerian mission in the US.

It also claimed that those being targeted are workers in “special professions” including health workers, engineers and lecturers.

But, writing via its Twitter handle on Thursday, the embassy distanced itself from the statement, saying it is “the same old scam, but in fresh packaging.”

It asked citizens to make enquiries via official channels to avoid falling victim to the scam.

“If you have questions about whether visa information is legitimate, please refer only to official sources: https://travel.state.gov, https://ng.usembassy.gov/visas, and https://ustraveldocs.com/ng,” it wrote.


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