What does Fayose want with Progressives? By Segun Dipe


Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State is not a progressive and can never lay claims to being one. Progressivism is the support for, or advocacy of social reform. That will not make any sense to Fayose. But of late, I am beginning to suspect Fayose’s chicanery as he steals shows within the progressive fold, while he is fast becoming a pariah, even among the demons. I heard that, like the biblical Satan, he has been wandering to and fro, seeking for whom to devour. All these may not come as a surprise to those who know Fayose fairly well.

Fayose is a self-acclaimed political gadfly. He believes he can worm himself unquestionably into any comfortable hole, and is beginning to do so, by flirting with the progressives both in words and deeds. This wolf in wolf skin is trying, like a chameleon, to garb himself with the toga of a progressive.

When he started with a visit to Governor Rauf Aregbesola in Osun, many, but some discerning ones, felt it was in the spirit of fostering a Southwest unity across party line. But he has taken steps further, hobnobbing with virtually everyone that he thinks would give him an inroad into the progressive fold. I find this laughable, yet unsettling.

Fayose’s unsolicited support for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, coupled with his preference to attend the Lagos @ 50 Gala where he was uninvited instead of Rivers, where he was to be a Guest of Honour-cum-Speaker, compounded my suspicion that Fayose is up to some antics again!

We all know why. Fayose is playing every trick possible to escape the wrath of the gods. His impending doom is near and as sure as death. The nearer Fayose gets to the 2018 terminus, the more fear envelopes him and the more desperate he becomes. He is trying to sneak into the progressive fold, not for good, but to leech on them. God forbid anyone trying to help him out of the impending doom into an undeserved glory, thus turning Ekiti into his spoilage once more. May such person(s) go down with Fayose, notwithstanding the dizzying heights they may have attained.

“Alale Ekiti” have turned their backs against Fayose for daring to defoliate the people’s destiny. Fayose has murdered sleep and cannot sleep any more. He has defecated on the royal seat and he must be made to lap the watery feaces up with his tongue. His snail has insulted the gods and he must brush the ground with his mouth.

Please tell Fayose that he is a persona non-grata in the APC fold. Advise him that he is a meat for the gods of the progressives. This is not the first time he would be attempting to fraternise with the progressives though, garbing himself in the cloak of a Messiah, latching on their reputation for a comeback. However, while history did not tell me that he was ever absorbed into the fold, this time, he will not only be totally fenced off from coming nearer, he will be totally disgraced. Fayose is a leper fleeing the leper colony and searching for a clean house to hide. He is a misfit in a normal society.

Fayose has even threatened to vie against the progressives for the third time, if not given a chance to identify with them. Please tell him to go ahead. We double-dare him. By the way, on which platform is he planning to contest again? Is it on that of the PDP, where he is fast becoming a pariah? Or that of Labour Party, where he once duped them? Oh, I heard someone said in solo tone that he might be considering AD! Well we can only wish him bad luck and watch him get flushed down the drain. And in which state? Definitely, not Ekiti that he is busy desecrating. Perhaps any of Osun, Oyo, Ogun, Lagos, Ondo or even somewhere in the eastern part? I doubt much.

If for any reason Fayose resurfaces on any platform for a third attempt, he has my assurance that he would be an easy prey and would be beaten to a pulp by the progressives this time. He will not only lose fair and square, he will be disgraced before being handed over to the jailer.
No one should blame Fayose for bragging that he still has some relevance left in him though. He is only testing waters, perhaps to take another advantage of the environment he has found himself, where anything and everything is possible. When in 2014, we heard that the monster was coming out of its dungeon and trying to have a shot at the election, many of us waived it off as the craziest joke of the century. And we built our assurance on some assumptions.

First, we assumed that there were still some reasonable and credible human beings within the PDP, who would stop the miscreant from attaining such a noble height. Second, we assumed that the law of the land was well honed not to give such a condemnable criminal any opportunity to contest with normal human beings, and our third assumption was that Ekiti people were wiser and more honourable not to trade gold for sand. Little did we factor in the power of such political desperation displayed by ex-President Goodluck Jonathan to want to retain power at the centre at the devil’s cost. The lives of the citizens dying in the north eastern part of the country became the pyre to realize Fayose’s ambition, but his benefactor, ex-President Jonathan paid dearly for it.

The rest is now history, which should never repeat itself, Fayose does not deserve any soft-landing. He must be conquered at the next election and subsequently made to pay for all his atrocities. Against him, I hereby recommend an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

Segun Dipe writes from Ado Ekiti


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