You have no sense of shame, Kaduna APC tells Sen. Shehu Sani


The Kaduna state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has described Shehu Sani, senator representing Kaduna central district, as a man without “sense of shame”.

Salisu Wusono, acting publicity secretary of the party in Kaduna, said this in response to Sani’s earlier statement on his suspension.

Sani had alleged that Nasir el-Rufai, governor of the state, had hijacked the party, and was using it to fight him.

But denying the allegation Wusono accused Sani of representing the politics of “fraud and deceit”.

“As if determined to prove that he is beyond redemption, Shehu Sani penned a pathetic response to his continued suspension from our party that testifies that he is a denizen of the gutter,” he said.

“Anyone that harboured any doubt about the morass in his mind and the decadence of his conduct would now have those uncertainties wiped away. Crassness of language is a twin to crass of conduct.

“His outburst is a confirmation, that he has no sense of shame. He is a man full of tantrums, a busker who simultaneously entertains and distresses people with his shameless antics.

“He has since lost focus and why he was elected to the senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the good people of Kaduna central under the banner of the APC.

“He represents fraud, deceit in the name of Nigeria’s masses. We suspended him indefinitely following his various anti-party activities and utterances aimed at tearing the party to pieces.

“The masses of Kaduna central have since unravelled his deceit. His heart and mind are in the PDP whose agent he has been in our party. We wonder when he would gather the courage to publicly move to the party he hobnobs with in private.”

But in a swift reaction at a press briefing by his aide, Suleiman Ahmed, Sani said the state governor was being deceived by one of his advisers, Uba Sani.

The senator alleged that Uba Sani was using his office and the governor to pursue his personal ambitions and vendetta, stating that it was “painful and disheartening” that public funds were being used to sponsor “miscreants” to cause trouble in the society.

“While states like Sokoto and Boko Haram-ravaged states like Borno and Yobe are commissioning mass housing projects, all our governor does is to paint roundabouts in Kaduna State”, the senator said.

The aide said despite Sani’s suspension by the party, he “has been up and doing in the Senate, proposing and supporting bills that will bring succour to our people.

“On the other hand Governor El-Rufai has been busy wasting state funds on a useless fight against an individual, leaving the state in a state of despair and hopelessness.

“Our health sector is in decay, education has collapsed there is pervasive insecurity everywhere you go in the state,” he added.

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