FUTA establishes phytomedicine garden as Don canvasses use of herbs to tackle ailments


The role of herbs in maintaining healthy living and its therapeutic effect on all manner of illnesses in the society has been reemphasised.

Samuel Oluwalana, Professor of Forestry Resources Management at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNNAB), made this declaration while delivering a paper at a symposium organized for staff and students of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) which also coincided with the formal inauguration of a new Phytomedicine Garden. The expository lecture dealt comprehensively on killer diseases ravaging the society and how herbs could be used to combat some of them.

The Don with over 30 years’ experience in herbal therapy said more than 90% of human diseases can be cured by herbs. He added that the elements of the sun can be appropriated between the hours of 9am-11am and 3pm–5pm to cure some terminal diseases.

Prof. Fuwape, FUTA VC launching the Phytomedicine garden
Prof. Fuwape, FUTA VC launching the Phytomedicine garden

Highlighting other practical steps, Professor Oluwalana displayed some herbs such as Papaya caricus and demonstrated the usefulness of Onions, Garlic and Ginger to cure ailments such as diabetes, Insomnia, hypertension and other silent killers. He said ignorance rising from the careless attitude of the present generation is a deterrent to the use and application of Phytomedicine. He further said that all the herbs around us are disappearing due to neglect.

According to him if care is not taken, Nigeria may start importing some herbs that used to be available decades ago from the Western World. He frowned at neglect of the use of herbs saying modern medicine derives its source from herbs. Professor Oluwalana said there are so many invisible ailments in the body which can be cured early by plants if well administered. He however called for a return to the use of herbs to maximise healthy living. Professor Oluwalana said with the symposium FUTA has been launched into the league of World Universities that is tapping into the efficacy of phytomedicine.

Speaking earlier in an opening remark, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Joseph Fuwape acknowledged the organizers of the symposium and commended their efforts. He said it is important for people to begin to look inward and take advantage of nature’s endowment which is in abundance in our environment. Professor Fuwape said it is not everything that is traditional and indigenous to Africa that is bad saying the plants around us have medicinal value.

He said FUTA as a research based institution will borrow a leaf from the Asians through this project by taking a leap towards revitalising and modernizing herbs industry for local use and ultimately for export. He described the guest speaker as a renowned scholar and enjoined everyone to get valuable information on how to prevent casual and chronic diseases through natural health care.

He said people who diet on a reasonable amount of fruits and vegetable are likely to have reduced risk at chronic disease like cancer, stroke and perhaps other cardiovascular diseases among others.

Both Professors Oluwalana and Fuwape later planted herbs to officially launch the Phytomedicine Garden at FUTA. The garden will house the plants where local herbs can be harvested for use.


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