Access Holdings Board to be unveil Wigwe’s replacement soon

Herbert Wigwe
Herbert Wigwe

The board of Access Holdings Plc will soon announce an acting Group Chief Executive Officer to replace its late CEO, Herbert Wigwe.

In a statement on Sunday, signed by the Group Company Secretary, Sunday Ekwochi, clarified that the appointment of a new head was in line with the company’s policy.

“In line with the company’s policy, the board will soon announce the appointment of an Acting Group Chief Executive Officer even as we remain confident that the Access Group will build further on Dr. Wigwe’s legacy of growth and operational excellence,” the statement read in part.

Prior to Wigwe’s appointment, he had occupied various positions within Access Bank, from being the deputy managing director at Access Bank from 2012 to 2014, when he became the group managing director and CEO.

He served as the chairman of Access Bank (Ghana), Access Investment & Securities Limited, Central Securities and Clearing System and presently as chairman of Access Bank Limited and Unified Payments Services Limited.


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