APC raises alarm over alleged plot to assassinate Gov Amaechi


The National Vice Chairman, South-South of the All Progressive Congress(APC), Prince Hilliard Etagbo Eta has alleged plans to assassinate Rivers state governor, Rotimi Amaechi, warning that such action will give rise to a major unrest in the south-south region of the country.

Prince Eta also asked the federal government to immediately arrest and interrogate Dr. Abiye Sekibo who was fingered in the murder of Harry Marshal by the Australian, Stephen Davis allegedly contracted by the government to negotiate the release of the Kidnapped Boko Haram girls.

Eta alleged that the recent assassination of Governor Amaechi’s uncle was carried out by those who are aiming for the life of the governor, warning, however, that the APC will not accept nag attempt on the life of the governor.

“Last week, we lost the uncle of our governor in Rivers state and in our place, there is a saying that if you see fire on the beard of a goat, it is aiming for its fore head. Over the period of altercation between our governor and the PDP, we are aware that the killing of Amaechi is a priority for the PDP and because they have failed, they have tended to go for the soft belly of the man.

“It gives us an impression that the PDP is not yet resigned with regards to its intention to eliminate Amaechi. Let me therefore serve a note of warning that when they killed Ken Saro Wiwa, we kept quite; they killed Harry Marshal, we kept quite. They killed Dokubo, we kept quite.

“We will sound it to the hearing of the Federal Government and it’s hirings in the south south that should anything happen to Amaechi, the south south and indeed Nigeria shall see no rest.

“If the PDP is intending to take over the reign of River State, we happily advised them to do so democratically and not through the coercion of the instrument of state and the hiring of assassins all over the south south.

“Let me say if clearly. If anything happen too Amaechi, there will not be a moment of peace; not even for a second in the whole of the south south, our position is that nothing must happen to Amaechi,” Eta said.

Speaking on the revelation by Stephen Davis accusing former minister of Transport as being responsible for the killing of Chief Harry Marshal, he said “We had expected that the authority would take up some of the silent issues as disclosed by the Austrelian, Stephen Davis. But unfortunately no action has followed those revelations by the authority. This to my mind is what should be addressed.

“If at the time of his killing, the police and other security agencies involved in the investigations put their hands down in frustration as to who was behind his killing, I think a clue has been given to us by Stephen Davis and that clue should be pursued with all seriousness, that is absent as we speak.

“It is not right that the killing of Harry Marshal should be left unattended to when new facts have emerged. I have the responsibility of reminding government that this was an illustrious son of my zone and his murder should be unravelled so that we will bring to closure the death of that very important personality.

“I think that it is important that Sekibo be interrogated so that the police can now give us the answers to the many questions that has not been answered over the years. We have a name now and I think that the police can start from there. We have not heard that he has been invited by the police in connection with this crime. We need to see such actions.

“If somebody has been accused or named as a mastermind in a crime of this nature, the least anyone would expect in a civilized society is that he will be invited by the police to answer certain questions. Except if the police are saying that the arrest or invitation of politically exposed persons in Nigeria is not one of the methods used for investigations.

“It is almost one month now and we have not read anywhere that Abiye Sekibo has been invited to answer to the allegations of his culpability in the heinous crime of the murder of Harry Marshal. Except if the Nigeria police has a different method from other police formations in the world in unravelling crimes of this nature”.

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