Brazilian soccer star, Dani Alves, jailed on sexual assault charge by Spanish court

Sally Moske
Sally Moske

A Spanish judge sent Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves to jail on Friday after he was accused of sexual assault, according to a statement from the Catalonia Superior Court of Justice news office.

The football player Dani Alves, who has been accused by a woman of an alleged sexual assault about events that are alleged to have occurred in a Barcelona nightclub this past month of December, was taken into custody today by Investigating Magistrate Number 15 of Barcelona, according to a statement.

The announcement read, “For the ongoing case for a crime of sexual assault, the magistrate has declared provisional detention without bail.” The judge did, however, permit Alves to communicate while incarcerated, it was said.

According to the court’s press office, the woman who filed the complaint against Alves appeared before the magistrate on Friday along with a witness. These court proceedings were separate from Alves’ arraignment and took place behind closed doors.

In addition to the lawsuit brought by the state prosecutor, the woman’s attorney has brought a private prosecution against Alves, which is permissible by Spanish law, the court press office reported. The woman’s attorney, Alves’ defence attorney, the state prosecutor, and the magistrate heard the two parties’ separate testimony on Friday, according to the press office.

According to the court’s press office, the magistrate did not make the details of the woman’s testimony public.

According to the press office at the time, the same investigating magistrate revealed last week that Alves was the subject of an investigation because of the claims.

The Catalan regional police had earlier on Friday apprehended Alves, 39, according to the police press office. He was taken in a police car to the courthouse across town after speaking with authorities at a police station in Barcelona, according to the police press office.

Hours later, he was arraigned before the magistrate while still in police custody.

Alves stated his denial of the allegations in a self-recorded video of himself that he submitted to a Spanish reporter and which appeared on the Spanish TV program “Y Ahora Sonsoles” two weeks ago. Alves reportedly told Reuters that he is innocent of all charges.

Alves is among the most accomplished footballers of his time, having won national championships in France, Italy, and Spain. With Barcelona, he added three Champions League championships.



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