Claims of inciting Igbos against FG baseless, my actions as governor were strategic – Obi tells Umahi

Adebisi Aikulola
Adebisi Aikulola
Peter Obi

Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 election, has responded to the allegation that he is inciting people of the south-east against the federal government.

The former governor of Anambra said the allegation is a “baseless distraction” designed to tarnish his character.

He averred that his “focus is on fostering constructive dialogue and inclusivity, rather than engaging in divisive politics”.

Obi said he would not reduce himself to the level of those who wallow in ethnic politics.

“Regarding allegations of incitement against the government, I firmly reject these unfounded accusations aimed at tarnishing my character,” Obi wrote on X. 

“My focus is on fostering constructive dialogue and inclusivity, rather than engaging in divisive politics. Claims of incitement are baseless distractions. I have always advocated for unity and advancement, refusing to partake in reactionary divisive politics. Worse still, I have never and can never descend so low as to base my political aspirations on any sectional or ethnic interest.”


David Umahi, minister of works, on Wednesday accused Obi of inciting people of the south-east against the federal government over the Lagos-Calabar coastal road project.

Speaking during a stakeholders’ meeting in Lagos, Umahi said Obi implemented the demolition of structures for road infrastructure while he was governor of Anambra.

The minister condemned Obi for criticising the federal government over the project, adding that affected property owners are already being compensated.

Obi has repeatedly criticised the federal government for the construction, describing the project as a misplaced priority.

The former Anambra governor said the “insensitive” demolition of structures for the project was “heart-wrenching”.

Recently, the federal government commenced the construction of the 700-kilometre Lagos-Calabar coastal road, which is expected to run through the shoreline of beach resorts in Lagos, while traversing eight other states.

The project has elicited controversy over funding, and the businesses that would be affected during construction.


Responding to Umahi on demolition of structures, Obi said while he was governor, he clearly stated that all structures obstructing existing roads and lacking approval would be removed.

The former Anambra governor challenged anyone to show evidence on whether the “demolished structures on existing roads or ongoing businesses were not encroaching on the road and built without government approval”.

He added that it amounts to false equivalence to compare his actions as governor with the current Lagos-Calabar coastal road project.

Obi said he “never proposed creating a new road that would disrupt existing structures”.

“My actions were strategic, aiming to prioritise the repair and maintenance of existing infrastructure over projects that risked disruption and destruction,” Obi added.

“This approach aimed to safeguard the livelihoods of Nigerians and ensure the efficient use of resources.”

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