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Cost of constructing Bauchi airport rises to N13bn

The cost of constructing Bauchi International Airport has been increased by N3.3 billion, Ishaola Adeyemi, Chief Press Secretary to that State Governor, has said.

He said the contract sum was increased from N9.7 billion to N13 billion following the inclusion of some vital facilities which were not considered earlier in the project.

Adeyemi made this known while conducting journalists round the project in Bauchi on Wednesday.

He said the new facilities being added to the project were vital components of an airport.

He, however, said that when completed, the airport would be fifth to the ones in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos and Kano in terms of modernity.

“It has the state-of-the-art facilities; it has the latest facilities in the aviation industry in the world, and for today, the runway we have here is 3.7kilometers.

“The control tower is the latest you can think of in the world. At anytime and during any condition, planes can land and take off from here”, Adeyemi said.

On completion of the project, he said “what is left is just finishing touches; we have the international wing and domestic wing; that is how it is done in the world, everything is kept in the same place.

“We have fire-fighter trucks which are the latest in the industry and three indigenes of Bauchi have been trained by the manufacturer and they are back in the state.

“The international aviation authorities have given us go head to go into full day operations. No night operations yet because the lighting points are yet to be completed”, he added.

Adeyemi said the airport would generate revenue for the state, create employment and serve as alternate cargo delivery point for Kano-based businessmen.

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