Eko Disco to abolish fixed charge


The management of Eko Electricity Distribution Plc (EKEDP) on Monday said that it planned to abolish monthly fixed charges on its consumers.

Oladele Amuda, the Chief Executive Officer, EKEDP who made this revelation at the Stakeholders Forum in Lagos, said that the company would present the proposal to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) for approval.

“The company is proposing to abolish fixed monthly tariff charge from their bills but this has to be approved by NERC.

“I can assure you that if NERC approves the abolishing of fixed charge by October, we will start to implement it immediately,” he said.

The chief executive officer urged the consumers within the zone to embrace cost reflective tariff to enable the company to serve them better.

Amuda said that the company was being constrained by the present tariff regime which was not cost reflected.

He said that the new proposed tariff was N25 per kilowatt instead of the N17 per kilowatt that was being used to charge now.

The chief executive officer said with the new tariff the company would have sufficient money to change many transformers and conductors.

Amuda said that the company had engaged two Nigerian meter manufacturers to supply 50,000 prepaid meters outside Credit Advancement Payment Metering Installation (CAPMI) scheme.

He said that these would be given to consumers with faulty meters and to replace all old meters.

Amuda assured that all consumers would be metered but advised consumers that could not wait to apply under CAPMI scheme.

He said that the company had installed 34,565 prepaid meters to consumers in the zone under the scheme.

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