Fidelity Bank set to acquire Union Bank UK

Kayode Ogundele
Kayode Ogundele
Fidelity Bank

Afreximbank said it has disbursed $40 million Intra-African Investment Facility to Fidelity Bank Nigeria Plc to support its acquisition and recapitalisation of Union Bank United Kingdom.

A statement issued by Vincent Musumba, Manager, Communications and Events, Afeximbank, on Monday said the acquisition was part of Fidelity Bank’s international expansion.

Musumba said the facility was provided in two tranches of 20 million dollars each.

He said the first tranche of the facility enabled Fidelity to part-refinance the acquisition of a 100 per cent equity stake in Union Bank UK.

Musumba said the second tranche was used to support its recapitalisation via the injection of additional equity into the acquired bank, as approved by the United Kingdom’s regulator.

“With this acquisition, Fidelity Bank can birth a new pan-African financial institution capable of providing correspondent banking and offshore banking services to banks in Africa and servicing the banking needs of Africans in the diaspora.

“The acquisition is expected to contribute to Africa’s economic growth and development by increasing intra- and extra-African trade finance and trade flows between Nigeria and the UK.

“It will also support the integration of the African Diaspora into regional and continental supply chains and enable small and medium-sized enterprises across the continent to improve their export competitiveness and light export manufacturing capabilities.”

Musumba quoted Kanayo Awani, Executive Vice-President, Intra-African Trade Bank and Export Development Bank, Afreximbank, as saying the disbursement of the facility was part of Afreximbank’s effort to promote African control and ownership of capital while improving intra-African trade and investments.

“Fidelity Bank’s acquisition of Union Bank UK aligned with Afreximbank’s Intra-African Investment Facility. It was a significant milestone for the institutions, reinforcing African ownership and control within the global financial landscape.

“By supporting this strategic transaction, we are not only bolstering Nigeria’s banking sector but also fostering greater financial integration between Africa and its Diaspora.”

Awani said the initiative was a testament to Afreximbank’s commitment to enhancing intra-African trade, promoting economic stability, and driving forward the objectives of Agenda 2063 for a prosperous and self-reliant Africa.

She said Afreximbank’s bank acquisition strategy, empowered African entities to acquire financial assets, divested by foreign entities in Africa and the diaspora.

“This is also in line with the bank’s Diaspora Strategy which seeks to promote and finance the integration of the African Diaspora with the rest of the continent.”

Awani said through the facility, Fidelity was extending its services to the UK, in particular, to Africans and African-owned businesses in the UK, including products to support diaspora investments.

Musumba quoted Dr. Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe, Managing Director/CEO, as saying, we are very thankful to Afreximbank for supporting our expansionary initiatives for international growth.

“It is, indeed, the result of a strong partnership between the two institutions over the years that has produced this good outcome.

“The refinancing of the Union Bank (UK) acquisition by Afreximbank will unlock additional value and help create a scalable and more sustaining service franchise that will support trade businesses in Africa and diaspora banking.” 

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