Five lives lost in Oyo due to disturbance during a New Year’s party.


As a result of the ruckus that followed a new year’s party that was organized by a group of friends in Akinmori in the Afijio Local Government area of Oyo State, five people have been confirmed dead while four others are in serious condition.

According to reports, a situation developed after one of the organizers received verbal abuse from his coworkers for carelessly driving into the party’s location.

One of the witnesses claimed that this did not sit well with him and that he later entered his car irritated.

The young man drove into the party’s location at a high speed and was being reprimanded by his buddies who were already there, according to a source who did not want his identity published.

“After some local elders intervened, the young man grudgingly got into his automobile. He continued to be enraged by the argument and threatened to shed blood. Then he started the car and sped towards the group of friends who were dancing, knocking over ten people to the ground.
However, our correspondent’s inquiries showed that while his whereabouts remained unknown, three of his pals who were in the car at the time of the tragic event had been detained.

Adewale Osifeso, the state police public relations officer, confirmed the occurrence over the phone and stated that officers had already started an inquiry.

Investigation into the situation has started, he declared. Please submit updates in accordance with that.



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