Gambia closes borders with Senegal


Gambia has closed its borders with neighbouring Senegal after a foiled military coup was announced on Wednesday.

According to a security official, security units including police and military forces have been strengthening check points alongside the borders and vehicles have been banned from entering Senegal.

“The borders have been closed for entry. Although a press release said that the borders will re-open in an hour, it is not yet confirmed when the order for the re-opening will be passed,” the official said.

State-run Gambia Radio and Television Services were suspended only with some entertainment music, and officials were told to stay at home.

According to an official of the Banjul International Airport, the only airport in Gambia, was closed and was also said to re-open in a few hours.

An attempted coup that aimed to overthrow President Yahya Jammeh was foiled on Tuesday after overnight shootings in Banjul.

However, no fewer than five military officers were killed and several others arrested

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