German health minister to protect youth from cosmetic surgery – Report


Advertising that “exclusively or primarily’’ targets young people for cosmetic surgery should be banned, German Health Minister Jens Spahn has said in remarks published by Berlin’s Tagesspiegel newspaper on Wednesday.

A ban of this kind would represent “youth protection in practice,” Spahn said, adding that “The signal from our society to young people should be: You’re OK just the way you are.”

Advertising for cosmetic procedures tended to send out a different and wrong message, putting young people under pressure to change their looks through surgery, the minister said.

According to the report, a new regulation is to be added to the planned law on countering measles that is scheduled to have its first reading in parliament on Friday.

According to the Tagesspiegel, Spahn’s amendment notes that all surgery carries risks.

Young people, who are particularly susceptible to ideals on beauty and appearance, need to be protected.

The ban is to apply to advertising on social media networks as well.


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