How to convert your customers into brand advocates


In the field of Internet marketing, it is an understatement to say that loyalty is very important, yet very hard to win.

Imagine your target customers in front of their computers with twenty tabs open, looking for an item, product, or service which is similar to yours.

With just a click of a mouse or a push of a button, he/she can easily choose who to transact business with and it is highly likely that he/she may not choose you.

Right off the bat, gaining your clients’ trust and confidence is a must. By winning these, client retention will develop.

As an online business practitioner, you don’t want your customers to buy your products just once. You want them, nay, you need them to come back and continue patronising what you have to offer. But oftentimes, a satisfied customer does not always translate to a loyal customer.

So how do you turn one into the other?.

Quality products and excellent service
The golden rule still applies here. Treat your customers the way you want yourself to be treated.

If you treat one shabbily, or you provide a customer with inferior products, however unintentionally, you can kiss that customer goodbye. Then, with you having no control over it at all, the power of the Internet comes into play.

It will only take a forum post to start a discussion about how your product doesn’t meet the expectations of one unsatisfied customer. Watch as potential buyers shy away from your website.

Whether you like it or not, the name of your business is in your every product. Therefore, the qualities of these are inevitably tied to your name. Even if you get every marketing strategy right, but your products fail to meet the minimum required for a decent one, all this talk about customer loyalty is moot.

Keep your word
In Scarface, Tony Montana famously quipped, “All I have in this world is my balls and my word, and I don’t break them for no one.” A little too extreme but it gets the point across: somebody of high integrity is to be trusted.

Being a man of your word is a virtue valued highly in this business.

Deliver on the date that you said you will deliver. Your products must measure up to what you advertise them to be. Always be honest with your customers: when something comes up that will prevent you from keeping your word, tell the client upfront instead of making them play the guessing game.

Be there when your customers need you
Be ready to answer complaints if they have any. Accept responsibility when you are clearly at fault. There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than a seller who is quick to point fingers.

Be sure to handle things in a professional manner while maintaining a friendly relationship with them.

Put yourself in your customers’ place
Think how your customers think. Know what they want, what they are looking for. Some research on your part with regards to the demographics, the likes and dislikes, etc., of your target clients can help you in this. And in this wired world, it is not that hard because you can find almost everything online.

Don’t forget to thank them
Let them know you appreciate the fact that they chose you over your competitors. A personal thank you will make the customer feel special.

Just like in a brick-and-mortar business, online customers want to be treated fairly well. The spatial divide doesn’t diminish the fact that your clients are still human and tend to remember the way you deal with them. Keeping this in mind might just spell success for your business.

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