Jonathan declares re-eelction bid today, to project key achievements


Baring any last minute change of plans, President Goodluck Jonathan is expected to formally declare his re-election bid today in Abuja.

New Mail Nigeria has learnt that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) will seize the opportunity provided by the declaration to showcase the president’s fulfillment of his key election promises made before the 2011 general elections.

Checks show that the Federal Capital, Abuja is agog for the declaration.

A document formulated by a strategy team at the national party headquarters has projected that the president would be the candidate to beat if key achievements of the administration are brought into focus.

Meanwhile a host of interest groups including party stakeholders and youth groups have flooded the federal capital for the ceremony. In anticipation of the mass influx into the federal capital, the police has mapped out alternative routes for motorists and other road users.

The achievements of the Jonathan administration expected to be tabled at today’s declaration will comprise key indicators in economic growth, transport, agriculture and energy inside sources have disclosed.

Security which was not a major issue ahead of the 2011 campaign is not expected to be used as a template by the party strategists in the presentation. The administration has been hard pressed in tackling the insurgency fuelled by the Islamist Boko Haram group.

The document read in part: “Apart from being an incumbent who would not have to learn on the job, the President has delivered on set targets and he is stabilizing the polity.

“He has given hope to Nigerians by his performance and his support of democratic structures. His support base is not regional or ethnic base, he is delivering on the objectives of the party and none of his opponents can claim to have widespread support base close to his own. You do not change a horse in the middle of a race.”

A party source said: “We will be thumping up the president’s achievements in the last four years and we will ask our opponents to dispute them. A lot of documents have been put together to communicate to Nigerians including the one by the One Nigeria Coalition. We are going to be stating clearly what Jonathan has done to lift the country.

“If we take just three areas, Agriculture, Transport and Energy, Nigerians will agree that no one can dispute our achievements. Are you going to say agric is not better under this government? We are importing less food and we are feeding our people. Transportation is also better whether it is rail, air or road. In energy sector, the President is working assiduously to end the era of darkness.

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