Kebbi PDP delegates assure Peter Obi of their support in the primary presidential elections


Kebbi State delegates to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential primaries have pledged their support to Mr. Peter Obi in the upcoming 2023 primary presidential elections

Speaking at the PDP secretariat in Bernin Kebbi on Thursday, during Obi’s visit to the state as part of his nationwide consultations, Alhaji Abubakar Bawa Kalgo, the Kebbi State PDP Secretary, said that he, like many other delegates, had followed Mr. Peter Obi’s engagements as Governor; and thereafter found him to be one man who was so passionate about Nigeria.

Kalgo stated that he was confident in his suitability for the job due to his knowledge of the economy and understanding of Nigeria’s situation.

Earlier, Obi, who also visited Sokoto State on the same day and met with delegates from Sokoto and Zamfara, bemoaned the country’s situation.

“Nigeria is now a failed state unable to control its territory or economy.” Every day, one wakes up to some sort of bad news. Traveling in Nigeria today has become dangerous. When people found out I traveled by road from Lokoja to Keffi, Nasarawa State, it was as if I had escaped hell. “How long will we continue on this path?” the Presidential candidate asked.

When analyzing the country’s problems, Obi linked them to what he called the “cumulative effects of bad leadership.” He claimed that the nation was suffering today as a result of not caring for its youth, claiming that no other country on the planet would have as many unemployed youths as Nigeria without experiencing the same problem.

While appealing for the support of delegates from Sokoto and Kebbi, Obi stated that he has the ability to unite Nigeria, create jobs for the youth, and unleash the country’s creative ingenuity through the right engagements and policies.

Obi, observing the vast expanse of land in Sokoto and Kebbi, remarked that they could not feed themselves, let alone feed the nation. Obi spoke longingly about the era of the ground pyramid in the North, cocoa and palm explosion in the West and East, and said that such were what Nigeria needed now.

He urged delegates to look at pictures of their children and consider the type of society they want for them before casting their votes. “If anyone gives you money, take it, but vote for what you want for the country,” Obi advised.

Dr. Doyin Okupe, who introduced Obi, stated that he was a leader whose past had commended him to the future. “As Governor of Anambra State, he was fantastic in every way, and, most importantly, he left N75 billion on the day he handed over.”

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