Make history by resolving southern Kaduna crisis, Agwai tells el-Rufai


Martin Agwai, a former chief of defence staff, has asked Nasir el-Rufai, governor of Kaduna, to resolve the crisis in the southern part of the state.

Speaking at an event entitled “Friends of Southern Kaduna” on Tuesday, Agwai said the crisis predates el-Rufai’s administration.

The former chief of defence staff said God may have ordained the governor to resolve the crisis. “I want to appeal, particularly to our governor that truly the violence in Kaduna did not start today and is older than many of us.

“But how does he know that he is not the one God has decided to come and end this violence. Why doesn’t he take a chance and write his name in history so that what many people have failed to do by the grace of God he could do it.”

Earlier, Yakubu Pam, executive secretary of Nigeria Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC), said peace would be achieved through dialogue.

“Anytime I hear of killings, banditry anywhere in the world it brings me vision of catastrophe, pains, trauma and agony that God’s creation are subjected to,” Pam said.

“This is intended to bring out those critical salient differences that you believe are the root causes of this conflict and for you to proffer means of resolving them.

“By the positions you occupy in your various communities, we believe you have the capacity to influence decisions among your subjects and others.”


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