Massive injection of funds, human capital devt, our priority – Integrated Energy

Semiu Salami
Semiu Salami
Electricity distribution

The Integrated Energy Distribution and Marketing Limited which took over Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company(IEDC) says the injection funds and investing in human capital development will assist the company to achieve increased power supply to businesses and households.

Vice Chairman of the company, 0latunde Ayeni, who disclosed this in Ibadan after the handover ceremony said the company will embark on massive human capital development which will re-orient staff to play critical roles expected of them in ensuring a more robust power supply in the Ibadan Electricity Franchise area which comprises of 0yo,0gun,0sun,0ndo and parts of Kwara, Kogi and Niger States.

Ayeni assured that “business will no longer be as usual and our staff and supply chain partners must be ready to work in a more determined,proactive and result-oriented manner.

Ayeni further stated that the new owner will acquire needed infrastructure to ensure a sustainable power distribution environment adding that “we will prioritise our investments in power distribution and concentrate on those areas where the investment of capital will yield most benefits to businesses and the people of host communities”.

Viewed from a socio-economic development perspective,he said, the franchise areas boasts of manufacturing plants and industries in Nigeria saying that a more stable power supply will ensure increased economic activities in the hosts states. “We will therefore manage the assets of the IEDC prudently so that it can continue to provide our host states with much-needed electricity”he added.

The company,he noted, will adopt strategies to ensure improved and steady supply of power in the franchise area with the utilisation of mechanisms such as smart meters,transparent billing and collections system ,use of technology to enhance resolution of power consumption related complaints,institution of adequate and timely resolution of customer complaints and billing disputes.

“So, we will promote a culture of energy saving in our homes,businesses,industries and offices and also adopt energy conversation as a way of life and contribute towards sustainability” he added.

Ayeni disclosed that the company has engaged the services of one of world most reputable electricity companies- the Manila Electric Company MERALC0 from phillipines to provide technical and management services.

“With over 110 years experience,MERALCO is the largest electricity distribution utility in the Republic of Philippines,the company provides power to 5.2 million customers,and operates in 8 provinces covering 29 cities and 82 municipality -an area that is home to about 25 per cent of the Philippine population(23.7 million),its service area accounts for 50 per cent of the country’s GDP and it is responsible for 55 per cent of the country’s energy sales,” he said.

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