Miley Cyrus shares her surgery selfie


Miley Cyrus was hospitalized on Friday with some kind of wrist injury, and the pop star chose to share pictures of the open wound.

But instead of showing the actual surgical shots, Cyrus (and then her fans) photoshopped the images to make them (slightly) less graphic. It’s hard to explain, but check out the photos below, if you’re so inclined.

The singer, who has not tweeted in weeks, posted the pics on Instagram. She did not explain what was being done to her arm, although a number of fans have speculated that it was a simple cyst removal. Cyrus shared a picture of herself (see right), captioned, “The gown is sooooo hipster.”

She also posted a fairly graphic picture of her cut-open wrist (see below), with a tiny smiley face superimposed over the wound. Cyrus later shared a number of different fan-made versions of the shot, including one with Justin Bieber’s face and another with a slice of pizza.

Cyrus recently celebrated her 22nd birthday with boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger, dancing topless and riding a mechanical dildo at a club in Hollywood. Her relationship with Schwarzenegger and their recent visit to Art Basel in Miami have made headlines in the tabloids, as have a number of totally false pregnancy rumors. Hopefully Cyrus is feeling well after whatever needed to be done to her wrist on Friday.

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