Obasanjo’s assessment of Jonathan untrue, misleading – Okupe


The presidency on Sunday took a swipe on former president Olusegun Obasanjo for scoring the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan below average, describing Obasanjo’s comments as not only untrue, but were misleading.

In a statement on Sunday night in Abuja, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, said former President Obasanjo’s comments do not in any way tally with the facts on ground, just as he boasted that President Jonathan had performed more than him ( Obasanjo) and other presidents in Nigeria’s history.

Okupe who chronicled President’s Jonathan’s achievements in all the sectors which include, aviation, industrialisation, railway, power, transportation, insurgency, among others, said, “Our attention has been drawn to comments made by a former President of this country, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo regarding the performance of the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

“Chief Obasanjo had at an event over the weekend declared that he rated the President Goodluck Jonathan administration “below average”.

“We aver that Chief Obasanjo’s comments are untrue, misleading and clearly do not tally with the facts on the ground.

“We therefore wish to assert without equivocation that in terms of performance and achievements, no administration since 1960 when Nigeria gained independence from Britain, has done as much as that of President Jonathan.

“Every discerning and unbiased Nigerian will definitely attest to this fact as the evidence stare all of us in the face.

“We will show here that contrary to Chief Obasanjo’s position, the Federal Government under President Jonathan has performed excellently given the prevailing circumstances and resources available.

“An assessment of key sectors of national life under the Jonathan administration will definitely controvert Chief Obasanjo’s argument that President Jonathan has not performed well. We will prove this by looking at the performance of the following sectors under President Jonathan.

“While it is true that Nigeria has been faced with incidents of insurgency and terrorism especially in the last few years, it is also true the Jonathan administration has successfully contained the initial wide-spread and limitless activities of the insurgents which were prevalent in twelve states of the North including the Federal Capital, Abuja.

“While it is true that the present activities of the terrorists in the three North Eastern states have become more deadly in mindless killings, kidnappings and supposed territorial seizures. Government has made giant diplomatic strides with our neighboring countries in order to checkmate the crisscrossing of the insurgents.

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